Tecolote Research, Inc. restricts international sales of software licenses and software program support to countries which are either members of the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) or have been designated as Major Non-NATO Allies (MNNA) under the auspices of Section 517 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. This limitation is based upon (1) our predominant US Government defense customer base, (2) the nature of our primary product lines which are strongly defense technology based, and (3) the US Government philosophy that the US, NATO, and MNNA countries share the same security strategic goals and therefore there is close cooperation between the US and these countries on politico-security issues.

Please visit the NATO website at: http://www.nato.int/structur/countries.htm to see a list of the 26 member countries. The following countries are currently designated as MNNA and recognized by Tecolote Research as acceptable locations for use and distribution of ACEIT Software: Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand.

Distribution of ACEIT to any other country is expressly prohibited.